Baseball Throw 101

For Teaching Young Players who are Learning how to Throw!

Remedy:  High Bounce Drill (Click Here)

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2012 (42 MPH)

Remedy:  Belt Grab Drill (Click Here)

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2010 (28 MPH)

These few simple drills are easy to do and don't take much time.  Everyone should use this core set of drills at a minimum.  Use them religiously and remember, time is on your side !


​​Use this site to help your ball player learn the right way to throw a baseball !!

​After playing baseball at a D1 College Level, I hit a new challenge that I wasn't do I teach my son and  boys in town the right way to throw?  After learning myself by coaching many teams, attending camps, clinics and also paying others to coach, I've decided to start this site so I share what I've learned to hopefully help others

These throwing drills are common with many big league teams.  Time and patience is required, but persistence will pay off in the form of a great arm

Problem:  Not using back leg and body

Baseball Throw 101

Additional Drills for Fixing Common Throwing Problems

2016 (65 MPH)

Remedy:  Leg Hop Drill (Click Here)

Problem:  Dropping Elbow and Pushing the Ball

Problem:  Opening Up Too Soon

Would love to hear feedback from others on how these are working, questions, or other request.  Also, if you're a coach, let us know what has worked for you in the past.