Baseball Throw 101

For Teaching Young Players who are Learning how to Throw!

The time has arrived - you and your son have graduated from a casual catch in the backyard to the big time....Travel Baseball Tryouts.  Suddenly you're thrust into a new world that hits you like a ton of bricks.  Comparisons.  Judgement.  Playing time.  Competition.  While not all of these things aren't necessarily bad, this stress level rises for both parents and children alike.  Little Johnny struts out to short stop with the other boys to get his 5 tryout grounders while all the coaches and parents are watching for 2 things - how many does he field cleanly - CAN HE THROW??

​Well, regardless of how little Johnny did at his first tryout, have no fear....throwing can be taught.  I had the very reward experience of helping my own son improve, and now he has one of the best arms on the travel team.  I've also worked with many teams and have watch many players improve from throwing drills and routine as described on this site.  All it takes is a little persistence and time!

Let's see if we have any arms

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