Baseball Throw 101

For Teaching Young Players who are Learning how to Throw!

The Rukket Pop-up Net

Every bit as good as way more expensive competitor nets, this also comes with 3 weighted balls...all for under $90.  We think this is a ridiculously good deal at that price and so does everyone who reviewed it on Amazon (all 5 stars).  The net is perfect for in the basement over the off season, in the back yard, or for the team before the game when there are no cages.  The weighed balls are a nice touch and come in handy.  The net holds up well and is strong enough to withstand anything the kids can hit or throw at them.  

The following products are tremendously helpful tools for practice, player development, and team management.  We only endorse what we use:

Ripken Baseballs

So of course you'll want to use the baseballs for your specific league, so for many that's Cal Ripken or Little League.  Sometimes you can find good deals on eBay or craigslist, but its not easy.  Everyone is fighting through shrinking baseball buckets, kids take the balls, foul balls, and the occasional family dog who loves to chew them.  We had experience with all of the above.  Regardless, buying a dozen pearls every now and then keeps the bucket full and you want to have some good white ones for when you're doing the Baseballthrow101 drills.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide

Hard to go wrong with Rawlings heart of the hide.  We've been hot on the PRO88DCC and PRONP2JB.  For little guys, you'll have to go smaller than these 11.25 inch version as these are good for 9-12 year olds.  When it comes to gloves there is Rawlings and Wilson, and then a bunch of imitators and followers.  Although we've seen some Wilson gloves that we really like, we give a slight edge to Rawlings and so do the professionals.  Click to Amazon below and browse through the heart of the hide / gold glove series gloves to find one you like.

The Bushnell Radar Gun

Radar guns are useful tools for working with young pitchers and marking progress from time to time.  Speed of course isn't the only thing to focus on when it comes to throwing or pitching, but certainly matters.  The nice thing about the Bushnell is that its affordable and yet it gets the job done.  Why spend a zillion dollars on more expensive radar guns when its not something you use at every practice, and you're not a major league scout.  The Bushnell is more than accurate enough, durable, and its fun to use.  The kids love it too.

The EvoShield

Safety first as they say, and as such there is a new array of products for chest/heart protection for baseball pitchers.  We seen plenty of lined drives back up the middle, and so this purchase is an easy decision.  Of the many we've tried, the EvoShield seems to sit above the rest.  Most either love it or hate it, regardless, there are few comparable alternatives so it remains our recommendation.  The insert is easily removed for machine washing.  Mom's love to know that their pitcher is wearing the EvoShield when they take the mound.

The Magnacoach

Perhaps the best value of any the dollars spent on coaching tools.  Rearrange players, lineups, and positions in seconds.  No more frantic, "Johnnie, pitcher....Jeffrey, catcher....Billy, 3rd base" rushed callouts while your team should already be in the field.  Arrange, clip it to the fence and the kids instantly know what to do.  Just don't leave it clipped to the fence after the game like I did...multiple times.  Didn't have time to make a lineup - no problem, rearrange the lineup in seconds before the game.  I am nothing without my Magnacoach.