Baseball Throw 101

For Teaching Young Players who are Learning how to Throw!

Observing other coaches...

Coaches (Dads) intend to help but many make problems worse because they don't know what they don't know how to teach.  I know this because I myself incorrectly coached my own son and made things worse!  Even saying the correct thing can have negative effects.  This inspired me to study, think, and learn how to teach.  I've spent a ton of time and money learning ways that work.  I've also witnessed many unfortunate instances of parents getting frustrated, mad, and harming their relationships with their son.  Do you want to be the guy in this picture?  Many are and don't recognize it.

Instead - try the drills on this site and let them do the work

Avoid Negative or Inverse Coaching 

My Coaching Philosophy....

​​Before diving into the mechanics lessons, I'd like to share a quick story behind why my philosophy is "Observe, think first, and don't tell them anything unless you're sure convinced its going to help".  My son at age 7 was a short arm thrower, like many are.  He is a tremendous kid and and I wanted to help as best I could.  After a game when my son asked, "how did I do?", without thinking I replied "buddy I was watching your throw and you have to start getting that arm back away from your ear, and fast".  Not thinking anything of it, we proceeded to our next game.  When the ball was it to my son at third, he picked it up, moved the ball to his ear, jolted it backwards in a jabbing fashion, returned it to his ear, and pushed the ball to first base.  My words made it worse despite my intent to help.  Bad coach.  Observe, think, research, think some more, then speak.

Beyond my example, we've all heard coaches (like I did at one time) blurt out "throw it don't aim it", without positive results - kids don't know what that means.  Furthermore, kids quickly assess whether the words we use help them, and if not, they tune us out really quickly not matter what we say.  Gotta keep it fun too, or they will not like baseball.